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Dreamland - Chapter 2 is now available on


See Store Page and Trailer:

The long-lasting nationwide lockdown has ended, and you finally get to meet up with your best friends from university to go on your first ever college spring break. All of you decide to travel to a town called Dreamland - the capital of the wildest spring break activities. And what seems at the beginning as a fun adventure filled with hot girls, parties and sex, you uncover that Dreamland has a dark and horrifying mystery which haunts you and your friends...

Game Features Every single render in this romance visual novel is manually animated with panning movement and floating particle and flare effects to give the impression that the environment is alive which is something unique to this visual novel in particular.

Dreamland also has fully animated erotic scenes with the girls and sexy collectible renders scattered all over the game's backgrounds for you to locate. Not to mention, your choices make a huge difference in the way the story progresses.

Chapter 2 Features Dreamland Chapter 2 includes 2X more panning renders and 2.5X more animated erotic scenes than the prologue Chapter 1. There is also an abundance of brand-new cards hidden all over the game and your previously made choices heavily impact the story.

See Store Page and Trailer:

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Arlian or Zhara, who would you choose?

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Vote for the best screenshots for Forbidden Fantasy Chapter 3


Hello, my dear FreshMen!

The scenes in Forbidden Fantasy look great. Our team has been working hard and the work is incredible. In a few days, we'll be releasing Chapter 3 and it would be great if you could help us choose the best screenshots for the store page.

Vote for the best screenshots for Forbidden Fantasy Chapter 3 Feel free to choose as many as you like. Comment on your choice.


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