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As creators, we’re always striving for improvement. We want to be better, faster, more effective. This is one of our core philosophies at Oppai-Man. So when we released Season 1, we we’re at a crossroads. Season 1 was made using Daz Studio, which is a decent enough software, but didn’t have enough for us to grow more on a technical level. Once we hit that ceiling, that was it. It also didn’t have a ton of basic functionalities, especially when dealing with animations. In order to grow, both artistically and in terms of productivity, we had to change. So we decided to move to Blender, which would allow us to grow exponentially once we took down all the technical barriers. First we had to port all of our assets. Characters, clothing, facial expressions, environments, everything had to be manually adapted so it would work on Blender. This took both fronts: our artists had to learn how to make gorgeous materials, shaders and characters in Blender, and our programmers had to create new systems that would allow us to render these images on our servers, in a semi-automated fashion and with fast render times. We also used this time to hire talented and capable people, who would be able to take us to the next level. So we hired a storyboarder, a new animator, a generalist artist and a lookdev who specialises in skin shaders. These new hires helped us transform our graphics pipeline into something amazing. It took a lot of work, but we made it to the other side. We managed to develop an amazing visual pipeline, and we’re very proud of the graphics we have today. Thanks to the efforts of a lot of people, Freshwomen Season 2 will have incredible visuals. And, better yet, we still have space to grow and improve. We can learn more, develop more tech, make art that is more and more beautiful, and improve productivity. Blender will allow us to improve constantly, and give you every bit of quality you deserve, today and long into the future.

According to our Steam player database, 30% of our current players already plays at 1440p or 4K. This number has been growing over the past few months, and we expect it to grow even more in the future. In order to create a great experience for our current players, as well as for our future players, we decided to include 4K in our pipeline. This will guarantee that everyone that plays FreshWomen in the future will have great visual quality and fidelity. Working in 4K resolution also allows our artists and animators to maintain a higher focus on quality, creating renders with sharp accuracy, huge level of detail and great lighting. Looking into the future allows us to bring it into our current work, and the heightened resolution also impacts lower resolutions, making for sharper images and great quality of detail.

It could, but we took active measures to prevent that. As our render demand increased, so did our render capacity and our understanding of rendering engines. We’re now equipped with 12 RTX 3090 and 4 RTX 4090. These GPUs are rendering exclusively to us, 24/7, in a dedicated render farm.

As of now, we don’t plan on updating or upgrading Season 1 graphics. Season 1 and Season 2 development files are not backwards compatible. This means that Season 2 upgrades would have to be retrofitted into Season 1, which would take a lot of work. We’d also have to rebuild most of our textures from scratch, as they weren’t made with higher resolutions in mind. These processes would take a long time, and we feel these resources are better invested creating new content.

Yes. Android version is available directly on the web browser.

Today our team is composed of 15 people. There are 3 programmers, 2 writers, 2 animators, 2 render artists, 2 team leaders, 1 lookdev, 1 storyboarder, 1 architect and 1 integrator. It’s important to say here that there are people on our team working on things that will give us immediate results (i.e. Freshwomen development), and there are people working on things that will give us future results (Voice Acting, Infrastructure, Pre-Production for Fantasy Project, Website and Patreon Integration, R&D, Marketing, and more).

Season 2 Episode 1

Freshwomen is currently split into Full HD and UHD version, which are distributed as separate files, with about 5.5Gb each.

No. You just need to download the version that supports your screen resolution.

Full HD version supports: 720p and 1080p. UHD version supports: 1440p and 4K.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7 or higher Processor: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c compatible Storage: 5 GB available space We are working to optimize the download size even more.

Access, then link your Patreon account and download the game. You need to have an active membership to Oppai-Man’s Patreon in order to download the game.

We calculate pricing taking a few factors into consideration, such as: • Your lifetime contribution to the project • If you bought Freshwomen Season 1 on Steam • Your country • Date of release of episode • Date of purchase • Patreon tier

Season 2 will launch on Steam as a DLC, containing multiple episodes. We’re aiming for at least 4 hours of content. When we get there, Steam release will come.

If you are playing an original and unmodified version of the game, your old save file will work, and you’ll have no problems. Otherwise, problems should be expected.

MC, Fred, Chloe, Carolyne, Sam, Dylan and Susan

Voice Acting is in early development, and isn’t available to players yet.

Yes! Season 1 contains episodes 1 - 5. Season 2 Episode 1 continues the story right after Season 1.

Buy Season 2 Episode 1 from and have fun!

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