Help us decide on an Adult Games Platform design: Candidate 2!


Hello, my dear FreshMen!

We're very excited about our platform, and we want your help to develop it! We believe this platform will be a game changer for everyone that loves adult games (both players and developers), as it will encapsulate everything we want and need to get the most out creating/playing our favorite games!

Over the next few hours, I'll be posting a few other designs, to know what you think about them.

You can see the mockup for candidate 2 design here:

This mockup is interactive, and you can click on a few buttons in order to simulate navigation. There are a few pages to explore, and discover. At this moment, you'll only be able to fully experience this interactive mockup on PC (expect bugs on Android and iOS), and in English, so take this into consideration when voting.

Specifically, what we want to know is: did you find it pretty? Was it intuitive enough? Is there any feature that you consider essential, that isn't in the design? Do you think it's prettier/more intuitive than other platforms (such as Steam, Epic, GOG, etc)?

Also, what features are a MUST on an Adult Games Platform? Let us know in the comments!

See you soon,


216 votes / 9976 weighted votes

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Bad Kingdom
Voted: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars
good layout, prefer a darker color theme, but that's just me
Alexander Thomson
Voted: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars
It's nice but it feels a bit basic. not as attractive and doesn't seem like it is really on par with steam or epic or the other platforms out there

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