FreshWomen Status Update: learning with Season 2 Episode 2 Part 3, Upgrades to the pipeline and Season 2 Episode 3


Hello, my dear FreshMen!

We’re wrapping up another great week of work!

Season 2 Episode 3 is already in production, we added a lot of amazing tech in our pipelines, and I’ve got a lot of exciting news to share with you.

But first, I’d like to address an important lesson we learned this week.

Last year, we made a poll on Patreon, asking you what you thought about shorter sex scenes:

At that time, we were making Episode 2 Part 1, and the idea was that we could make shorter scenes in between bigger ones, in order to give you more sexy content in the updates. The poll was a success, and a vast majority of Patrons said we should add shorter scenes.

This week, we released Season 2 Episode 2 Part 3, and it wasn’t received as we thought it would be. The shorter sex scene, combined with the shorter duration of the episode (325 renders with many branching paths, instead of our average of 400+ renders with less branching paths), received poor reviews. I read all of your feedback, and it sent me into deep reflection.

First, I’d like to say that you’re right. This part is short. It has 325 renders, and depending on your choices, you won't see at least 60 of them. The sex scene is also shorter, and doesn’t have penetration or choices. And our marketing was not clear enough about the length of the episode and the release schedule, and the trailer gave too much of the episode away.

And for that, I’m sorry.

Our goal is to always give you the best experience possible, and a few players who played Season 2 Episode 2 Part 3 on release didn’t feel that way.

If you bought this part for $25 and regretted your purchase, please send me a message on Discord (f1r3f1r3f1r3) or e-mail me (, and I’ll personally issue you a refund, no questions asked.

Having said that, I still vouch for Season 2 Episode 2 Part 3. It is fun, surprising and sexy. It has great quality renders and animations, moaning, voice acting, and a fun ending. It’s a bit short, though.

In order to compensate for that, we made an accelerated release schedule, which means this part will be cheaper faster.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • April 13th, available for $20 tier
  • April 17th, available for $15 tier
  • April 20th, available for $10 tier
  • April 24, available for $5 tier (with $10+ lifetime contribution)
  • May 1st, available for $2 tier (with $10+ lifetime contribution)

We’re taking effective measures so these issues won’t happen again in the next episodes. We re-evaluated every sex scene planned for the next episodes, and extended a few of them. Furthermore, we are also fixing our branching paths to make sure that more content will be visible to everyone, instead of keeping it in branching paths. Our marketing team is creating clear guidelines for every release, that will be followed to a t to eliminate ambiguity.

With these measures, FreshWomen will be a better game and our communication will be clearer.

I’d also like to thank everyone who gave us these feedbacks, and for every review. Reading negative feedback is though, but it makes us evolve! I always say this to you, and it’s always true: It’s your feedbacks that lead us to the right path! So thank you for your honesty and for the reviews, for loving our games as much as we do, and for being the greatest community we could ask for. We’re truly grateful!

It’s your participation that makes us evolve!

Speaking of evolution, Season 2 Episode 3 is already in production, and we added a lot of cool tech in our pipelines!

Over the past few months, our R&D team has implemented two new features that will increase our productivity:

  • A new character rig: our old character rig had performance issues, and our artists and animators were working at, in average, a performance of 8 FPS inside the viewport on Blender. This, of course, made work slower. So since November we have been looking into MHX, an alternative character rig, and last week we finalized this integration into our pipeline. With this new character rig, our average performance in Blender now is around 48 FPS. This is a HUGE boost of performance, and our artists and animators are already benefiting from this upgrade.

  • Motion Capture: In December we bought a Rokoko Smart Suit Pro II, and in the last few months, we integrated it into our pipeline and recorded all the performances needed for FreshWomen Season 2 Episode 3 and Forbidden Fantasy Chapter 3 with two very talented actresses. This means we’ll have more realistic animations, and that they will be done faster.

These changes are already in effect in FreshWomen Season 2 Episode 3 and Forbidden Fantasy Chapter 3.

FreshWomen Season 2 Episode 3 Part 1 is already in production, and here’s where we’re at so far:

  • Script is done (except for Lily’s now extended sex scene)
  • Voice Acting is done (except for Lily’s now extended sex scene)
  • Storyboard is done (except for Lily’s now extended sex scene)
  • All characters are done (new rigs, clothing, hair, shaders, etc)
  • Scenes are now on blocking, with 2 scenes (of 6) already blocked
  • After blocking, these scenes will go thorough these stages: Lighting, Facial Expression, Cloth Simulation and Polish
  • Animators are finishing the last details in the Motion Capture pipeline, and will start animating next week

Season 2 Episode 3 Part 1 will feature a complete sex scene with Lily, with lots of animations, different positions and a cumshot scene. It will also feature a great resolution for the last conflict in Season 2 Episode 2 Part 3, and will begin our funniest arc yet!

I’m very excited for it, and can’t wait to share more with you!

As always, thank you so much for your love, care and support. It’s a huge pleasure to create these games for you.

See you soon,


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