Freshwomen Season 2 Episode 2 Story Alpha: Coming on Friday!


Hello, my dear FreshMen!

Just a few more days till Story Alpha is in your hands! We're soooo excited!

Today I went through the whole chapter, re-editing moments, polishing sound effects, making sure everything is perfect, and it was quite an experience. It's amazing how even without any 3D renders or animations, the emotions are still flowing. There are funny moments, tense moments, and everything in between.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for coming with us on this journey. Your feedbacks and participation are guiding us and helping us create a great game, and I'm sure Story Alpha will be an amazing tool to hear your opinions about S2E2's story. I can't wait!

See you soon,


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O hemşireyi sikebilelim allah için
Eric Papin

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Hello, my dear FreshMen!

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6 and 7 kinda doesnt look like her

Remove your Steam Demo and double your wishlists


Hey GameDevs,

Today, I have data to say that Demos are bad for us on Steam.

The Forbidden Fantasy demo was online during the period I marked in the chart, and you can see that it reduced the number of wishlists.

As soon as I deactivated it, the wishlists were normal.

There's the learning.

This knowledge is useful for everyone who has demos on Steam and free games on Itch that could have a minimal price.

Chapter 2 is coming soon. Stay tuned for more!

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Personally all games indie (and AAA) devs need to make Demos of there games to hook their players because the gaming industry has been promising the moon with their games and turning polished shit of games that you cannot trust or afford to buy. You can thank the BS campaign of preordering games without judging if they are worth preordering.
Markus S.
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Steam only offers a small excerpt from its big data, and logically only from the pool of legally acquired data. When correlating the demo and the wish list, I would particularly take into account that playing the demo should usually be able to make a decision about "I want it" or "I don't want it". I would therefore assume that a comparison may be flawed. What counts in the end is the total turnover (or payout from Steam). And the amount of data is probably too small for that. I would conclude that the lack of a demo for AAA titles is partly due to the fact that a) creating a demo costs a considerable amount of money and b) it could be a marketing tactic: it would be better to have more returns of the game than to abandon the game after the demo. The problem here is that some people buy the game, don't like it after a short time, but are "too lazy" to return the game. That works IMHO. but only with the appropriate marketing budget.
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