What do you think about Steam Early Access?

Steam has this feature that allows developers to release an unfinished game and later upgrade it with patches and more content.

What is your opinion about it?

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Константин Легионный
Voted: I love Steam's Early Access and I'm willing to pay full price for a unfinished game
Better for me it's take the full price and no future payments, because i saw your another games and i know what i get precisely. Seasons. This is works only for a starter studios and not good for someone with reputation. For example: Larian Studios takes full price but you have a trust to them and pay for it confidently. You can use seasons or add-ons, or alternative skins/ways of action to take the full price you want on start. It is important not to break the balance because you can upset your fans with it so it will be perfect if you make an honest warning about it. In that way you can't raise the price on start, but you will earn money for a content gamers definitely want to see.
Дмитрий Красовский
Voted: I never tried a Steam's Early Access game before
I don't like early access, but I'm willing to pay for this game. In addition, it will allow episodes to be released gradually.

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