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Hello, my dear FreshMen!

The scenes in Forbidden Fantasy look great. Our team has been working hard and the work is incredible. In a few days, we'll be releasing Chapter 3 and it would be great if you could help us choose the best screenshots for the store page.

Vote for the best screenshots for Forbidden Fantasy Chapter 3 Feel free to choose as many as you like. Comment on your choice.


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Tears In Rain Prologue is now available on!


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In Tears In Rain, you play Max Armani, a man haunted by his past and shaped by the power and darkness of his family.

Now you're within the top ranks of Archon, the legitimate business empire of the Armani crime family.

After being away for a while, you find yourself at the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens the lives of your loved ones.

You'll face old enemies, forge new alliances and deal with the haunting memories of a past that you desperately want to step away from.

As you guide Max, you'll encounter a diverse cast of characters—some trustworthy, some treacherous—whose fates intertwine with your own.

You can rekindle past relationships or give in to your desires and carve your path.

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The Better Deal 0.5a is now available on

The Better deal 2.jpg
The Better deal.jpg

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A story-focused, highly animated visual novel with several love interests, both male and female.

Riley Ito, a former soldier forced to leave the army to support her brother, now faces overwhelming financial difficulties. Just when things seem dire, she receives an irresistible, life-changing opportunity: joining an elite team on a crucial mission to safeguard Professor Chen at a covert laboratory.

Will Riley navigate the dangers and protect the professor? Can she find true love amid the chaos? Your choices will determine her fate and her future.

Adult content: The game adapts to your preferences based on your previous choices and stops showing content you’re obviously not interested in.

Currently implemented adult content: Anal penetration, BDSM (light), camel toe, creampie, interracial, humiliation, lesbian, oral sex, pussyjob, sex toys (buttplug), female masturbation, vaginal penetration, teasing, voyeurism, virginity.

Game Features: (some elements, such as different endings, are not implemented yet)

  • An exciting story with easter eggs and fun elements;
  • Decide if Riley has sexual experience or starts as a virgin.
  • The game adapts to your fetish preferences;
  • There are numerous player choices: make the right decisions with your teammates to win their trust;
  • No irrational, unpredictable game endings;
  • Explore different routes that lead to different endings, depending on Riley's choices, romantic interests, - her virginity, and her domination status.

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World of Secrets 1.3 is now available on

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Welcome to "World of Secrets," a large, detailed interactive adult visual novel. Shape your destiny as an 18-year-old in university. Experience romance, moral dilemmas, and the journey to adulthood.

"World of Secrets" unfolds as a thrilling interactive visual novel that entraps you in the story of a young 18-year-old navigating the complexities of university life. Our narrative introduces a protagonist with a mysterious past — abandoned at a church in his infancy by his father, he grows up never knowing his parents. In his formative years within the church's walls, a kind-hearted nun becomes his sole beacon of support. Overcoming the hurdles of an underprivileged beginning, his remarkable academic prowess and the nurturing guidance from his educators earn him a place at a prestigious university, thanks to a scholarship from a benevolent businessman. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

The generous businessman extends his kindness further by welcoming our hero into his home, fostering a bond that deepens with time. The arrival of a housemaid adds the last missing piece to this new family dynamic. However, years of isolation have left their mark on him, manifesting as difficulties in social interactions and forming relationships. As he navigates through the complexities of city life, he is confronted with the blurred lines of morality and the challenge of making decisions in a world filled with ambiguities.

In "World of Secrets," the spectrum of morality is not just black and white but is imbued with infinite shades of gray, offering you the liberty to sculpt the narrative as you see fit. This introduction is but a glimpse into the intricate web of moral quandaries and captivating decisions that await.

Brace yourself for a riveting adventure that promises to engage your senses and challenge your perceptions. Welcome to a journey where every choice you make not only shapes the protagonist's destiny but also the very fabric of this enthralling story. Welcome to the open world of 'World of Secrets', where the freedom to explore is unmatched – a subtle nod to those who might settle for less in the realm of interactive storytelling.

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