The only thing more important than Initiative

This year we had a lot of initiative

We have many projects started and running in parallel:

  • FreshWomen Season 2 and its Partial Episodes
  • Fantasy with its Demo and Prologue
  • Store to sell our own games.
  • Store to sell games from other companies.

All of these projects are very exciting, and we are investing a lot of money to run them all in parallel.

In practice, the company's expenses are exceeding 100 thousand dollars per month.

And there is only one thing more important than all this initiative…

(Intentional white space)

And the only thing more important than initiative is:


Last week I was thrilled to play Season 2 Episode 2 Part 1, and see it very close to being finished.

Gabby's scene was the best scene I've ever played in the history of all adult games. It is the only one with:

  • Voice Acting
  • Sex Voice
  • Foley
  • 4K renders
  • Sweat
  • Displacement textures with realistic details.
  • Plenty of high-quality animations.

Ensuring all of this works and is carried out by dozens of specialist professionals is a great achievement.

In my opinion, we already have excellent quality, and now we have to focus on improving project completion.

I see 2 obstacles to finishing the episodes more quickly:

  • A person dedicated to taking care of Renpy code and build code.

  • 2 Marketing Managers to sell the games without taking time from the game production team.

The selection of Marketing managers

I've spent a lot of time with marketing candidates and I already see varying performance:

  • Quality of Landing Pages
  • Trailer quality
  • Quality of selected screenshots
  • Quality of banners
  • Quality of marketing campaign configuration
  • Quality of writing in English
  • Quality of data reporting
  • Demonstrate testing various types of ads with different types of phrases.
  • Quality of the relationship with Freelancers
  • Demonstrate voracity for results

One has a high chance of becoming a Store Marketing Manager (ways to bring people from other stores to ours)

The other has a high chance of becoming a Marketing Manager at the Studios (production of trailers, banners, text, sending emails, and focusing on games in various stores)

The synergy between the two managers:

  • If we can bring people directly from the world to our store, OK
  • But sometimes we first have to bring it to third-party stores (Steam and Itch) and…
  • From within these stores, direct people to our store.
  • And our store needs constant testing and adjustments until it has high conversion.

Important: Our store should always offer a little more content than third-party stores.

When the selective process is finished, we'll unlock some of our current bottlenecks and get back to growing.



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@MutleyGamerBR, we don't plan to give steam keys for purchases made on our platform. But we can add achievements on our platform if that is the main reason you want a Steam Key.
Horacio Hernandez
The top priority should be speeding out release of content!

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